The classification of people into concepts of type is a basic part of human thinking. The Champion archetype is one of the typological orientations and is mentioned in the Enneagram (ancient Greek for ‘something written’). It is not easy for Champion archetypes to discover their own strengths. They often experience an internal battle against destruction, which looks terrible from the outside. Their biggest personal mission is to have faith in themselves and not to seek support in the outside world. They suffer a great deal in this process and look for stability that is not to be found externally. If Champions have learnt that only they can give themselves stability then they grow beyond their previous boundaries and may be able to master tasks that no one else can handle any longer. The conflict that Champions experience is so intense that their particular skills remain unnoticed as long as they stay trapped in the self-destruction entailed in their doubting and wrestling for support. More in-depth information about the archetypes is provided in the LEADERSHIP Workshop ‘Recognising and Practising Leadership Types’.