The classification of people into concepts of type is a basic part of human thinking. The Ruler archetype is one of the typological orientations and is mentioned in the Enneagram (ancient Greek for ‘something written’). Ruler archetypes bring strength and power together as one and use their imposing force to create greatness, work and habitats, which is an extremely positive outcome. What no one can understand is the spectacle that is taking place inside them. As an archetype, Rulers are unique in being permanently exposed to two forces in parallel. While one force drives them towards greatness and perfection, the other one searches for creative expression, happiness and completeness. The Rulers’ dilemma emerges when they try and focus on one or other of the poles. It is virtually impossible to do. The important thing is that they recognise that their place is in the centre, since only here can Ruler archetypes achieve a connection with the circle. A powerful place emerges around rulers from the centre outwards, a place full of opportunities, growth and greatness. More in-depth information about the archetypes is provided in the LEADERSHIP Workshop ‘Recognising and Practising Leadership Types’.