The classification of people into concepts of type is a basic part of human thinking. The warrior archetype is one of the typological orientations and is mentioned in the Enneagram (ancient Greek for ‘something written’). Fighting is only one of the aspects that make up Warriors. They have a strong sense of justice and stand up for their ideals. A developed Warrior only considers the hostile approach if there is no other option left for defending their ideals. Their Achilles’ heel is feeling, the heart. If it closes, Warriors can turn cold. In this scenario, the ideal for which they live recedes into the background and is replaced by destructiveness. This makes Warrior archetypes more negative than they really are, as they can cause great damage if their feelings are switched off. On the other hand, if they are in touch with their feelings then Warriors can be loving people who aim to do good in the world. They are strong leaders with astonishing acumen for the right commercial decision. Warriors’ biggest task is to remain in contact with their feelings rather than blindly fighting for ideals, which ultimately leads to a closing down of their feelings. More in-depth information about the archetypes is provided in the LEADERSHIP Workshop ‘Recognising and Practising Leadership Types’.