Body signal work is a systemic/sociological/social pedagogical method developed by Anke Sommer, author of the non-fiction book “Schlachtfeld Arbeitsplatz”. This method is part of the LEADERSHIP work at INSTITUT SOMMERINSTITUT SOMMER is not only the name of our company, but also the expression of the approach we take towards the requests we receive. Read more here.... Read more and is used exclusively in work with physically and mentally healthy participants.

The goal of the body signal work is to make one’s own unconscious signals and those fed into the body memory visible, conscious and comprehensible. Many signals together result in a story that shows the origin of the signals. These original signals show themselves for example in thoughts, in mood, in swellings, bruises etc., should these be part of the original experience, as well as in physical reactions (trembling, cold hands etc.).

If we make ourselves aware of these original signals, we recognize a coherent story and we recognize that this story is old and no longer belongs to the present. This “film” shows through which event the signals came into our body memory at that time. This pointing is accepted in the body signal work purely objectively and is regarded as part of the normality of the signal carrier. This means that original signals are a completely normal part of every life. These old signals of origin lose their meaning when they become conscious. That makes room for personal creativity, concentration on the present and the achievement of entrepreneurial goals.

Body signal work only makes signals observable and understandable, but distances itself from medical, therapeutic and psychological approaches. The work links up all physical process signals with the mind level. Without making aware of the true meaning of these stress signals, they disrupt and block our everyday actions. The mind has lost contact with the original event and behaves automatically blocking, should one of these original signals appear in everyday life. It can’t be prevented in the unconscious state that these signals appear, especially since triggers – such as smells, behaviors, looks or pitches – are acting in the unconscious and triggering these signals. Therefore, the signal carrier loses strength, concentration and efficiency, but without knowing the real reason why this is happening. In the state of ignorance, the mind constructs its own reasons, which is more of a mental barrier and, above all, bring no relief of the signals. This is why body signal work is relevant for managers and those in positions of responsibility.

In order to overcome the mental barrier in the sense of a blockade, it is especially important for managers and responsible persons to understand their own (unconscious) signal image. Why is this so important? The signals mix with conventional body reactions in everyday life, especially in stressed persons. If you want to look specifically at your stressor, movement impulses in particular can accelerate the signal occurrence. These movement impulses are based on everyday movement patterns. These signals can also be seen again and again in process facilitation, which includes the activity of the body. Once made visible, this image usually appears two times 24 hours after the process and then decreases continuously.

Unless the signal carrier does not take any responsibility for his signals by picking them up objectively. The only thing the signal carrier has to do is just to name what he perceives. This measure resembles a corrective feedback to itself, in the sense of successful self-management, and can be integrated into any everyday life. The naming leads to a distancing and fast reducing of these signals: The signal feels heard. Taking up this signal is an essential part of the LEADERSHIP work and, accordingly, an overarching topic in coaching sessions, workshops and seminars as well as process support and facilitation at INSTITUT SOMMER.

In the course of the LEADERSHIP work, body signal work requires the full assumption of responsibility by the signal carrier. This means that the responsibility begins before the LEADERSHIP work, continues during it and does not end afterwards. This self-responsibility protects the body of the signal carrier by the fact that the carrier does not pass over his signals – thus the showing of his body – but perceives and names them. By picking up the signals, the body is relieved considerably.

If the signal carrier does not assume any responsibility, it unknowingly slips back into its old film again and again, thus burdening its daily activities. His focus is repeatedly confronted with the old memory without consciously perceiving this process. He blocks the view of a factual reality in favour of an unknowingly distortion that has negative effects on the wearer himself and his environment.