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The Business LEADERSHIP Theatre (otherwise Business Theatre / shadow theatre in companies) uses humour to work with what we term the roles that emerge in teams, in departments and at management level, and influence how staff work together. This is important because subconscious roles impact how we deal with each other, particularly in critical situations. They block smooth processes and can put a heavy strain on everyday work. This team coaching event is ideally suited to gaining awareness of obstructive dynamics. Once you are aware of them, you can change them. This team building /team development method provides a way to master difficult topics and to create a new sense of community.

The business theatre team building event brings changes

Mutual support not competition; together not alone; with each other not above each other. The theatre event promotes mutual respect and the recognition and appreciation that everyone deserves for their work. The theatre setting enables you to take a light-hearted approach even to difficult topics. The facilitator stages the organisational framework with the aim of improving existing processes. This team building event changes the team and integrates negative dynamics into the change process. You give us the topic; we provide the setting and props.

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