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LEADERSHIP meets Munich – city tour

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Team building: city tour of Munich

Enjoy the aromas of typical Bavarian cuisine; actively experience the world’s biggest village; admire secret locations and squares. Munich has its own particular charm and you can feel the vitality of the south here. Munich’s history touches the heart. And every German is familiar with the local tale of master carpenter Eder and his imp Pumuckel. The old Munich still lives on in its courtyards and its hidden traditional town squares. Once this exploration tour shows you what’s behind Munich’s pristine façade, you will discover the original heart of this wonderful city.

Discover and develop yourself

This team building event is aimed at managers who would like to combine a team development (team building) session with the charm and flair of Munich and its surroundings. This unique team-building package enables you to explore / discover the city of Munich together with your company / your firm and as a team. We develop the participants’ leadership skills, focus on a special topic if wished, strengthen the managers’ cohesion, pick up on on-going processes, work on your personal concerns with an expert facilitator and delight you with an individually tailored supporting programme according to your requirements. We ensure an original tour enriched with special details. Please contact us; we look forward to your call.

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