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Photo coaching – team building for companies

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Process-oriented photography

Say it with pictures! The process-oriented photo team coaching (team development for companies in Berlin) develops the teams’ tactfulness, sensitivity, and non-verbal communication. It calms teams down when the daily stresses strain communication between team members. We help you to find the topic that will best support you as a team and implement this topic with you in an artistic sense. Our professional coach directs your team as a whole and guides you in photographing your colleagues as you’ve never seen them before.

Discovering typologies in the team through a photo team coaching event

This team development event (team building) can also be applied to the visualisation of the different typologies in the team. A photo presentation combined with a talk, for example about the interplay of different typologies within the company’s daily work, rounds off this coaching package. The work both takes place indoors and outdoors. The exciting team building event using a camera enables us to detect body signals together.

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