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Shadow theatre: theatre team building

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Theatre team building: team development through drama

Shadow theatre is an artistic form of team development (team building) through drama. You yourself are the shadowy figure behind the screen. The most amazing performances are created, presenting solutions that can later be applied in reality. Your team’s creativity leads to unusual ideas that find their expression on stage during this team building theatre workshop. Each team spurs the others on to outdo themselves. In doing so, they close ranks. Your colleagues are the audience, your team the performers. The shadow theatre we facilitate is an unforgettable experience, whether as a loosening-up exercise at an awayday or at an expert conference, as a way of visualising model solutions, as part of a kick-off event, or as a meeting place for teams that do not yet know each other. The process is expertly facilitated by an experienced coach and facilitator with warmth, great sensitivity and enthusiasm.

Bringing teams together

Have departments in your company grown so fast that they have lost contact with each other or are decisions pending that need to be developed together? We approach the relevant topic creatively through the shadow theatre activity and guide it in a positive direction. Even complicated and controversial topics can find a development platform in this context.

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