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Water Adventures – team & management development

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Water adventures: exploring your limits in water – a different kind of team & management development

This development event for teams and managers (team building for staff and managers / bosses) takes you up to and beyond your personal limits. A physical process awaits you, that leads via stress to balance. Working together as a team, you develop group cohesion, personal stress management and self-leadership behaviour in crisis situations. An experienced coach and facilitator is on hand to motivate the team to work together to tackle the challenge. The Water Adventures coaching package welds the group together, promotes cohesion and reduces inhibitions about closeness. You move outside your comfort zone; the power of the team is triggered.

Are you and your team suffering stress?

This development event takes place in and out of water. The water adventures are suitable for teams and groups of managers who are suffering stress and have to cope daily with excessive demands. The programme includes ways of dealing with challenging situations and suggests ways to lead oneself and others through uncertain times without overreaching one’s own limits. We don’t simply talk about stress balance – we experience it physically.

A similar option is the night-time river walk with your company / your colleagues.

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