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Survival Retreat – outdoor team building

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Facilitation in natural surroundings

Organising and constructing a shelter for sleeping, eating and working in natural surroundings; ensuring a source of fire and warmth, even if it’s wet outside; creating an outdoor meal… the challenges and surprises in a survival retreat (outdoor team building) are huge. This manager development event focuses on how to deal with potential crises without losing your own centre – whatever happens. After this group experience, you will be able to estimate your own capacity more realistically. This process is experienced and followed up in the group with an expert facilitator.

Awayday sessions & outdoor team building

The structure of this outdoor coaching event makes it suitable to be integrated into an awayday session lasting several days that aims to address your company topic. It supports you in retaining a physical connection to the environment even when you’re under great pressure. The survival retreat strengthens the internal dialogue and non-verbal communication with each other. The group experience challenges each participant to stay positive, because negative actions endanger the goal. The “We” takes centre stage; individual actions retreat into the background. Would you as manager like to feel 100% able to rely on your colleagues? This coaching package works to promote exactly that.


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