march 2020

21.03–28.03.2020FeaturedLa Palma 2020: The art of decelerationLEADERSHIP-Trip(All Day) Villa GuadalupeEvent Type :LEADERSHIP Reisen


Event Details

Coaching Trip to La Palma - The art of deceleration

Experience a valuable time in which you calm down your mind and work towards bringing your physical sensation forwards. Strengthen your unique nature, which only becomes visible in resting phases and lovingly inspired environments. Your nature is so rarely visible because pressure often prevails in your life as a leader and determines your life. You will change this in this coaching trip.

Contents and aspired goals of the coaching trip

  • Expression of the personal nature in professional work, especially in positions with high management responsibility.
  • Uncovering the unadulterated leader.
  • Acting according to heart values.
  • To enable connection to one’s own body and to nature.
  • Working with the natural principles of success, such as one’s own wisdom, sensitivity, the seeing/perceiving, the empathic element, the use of one’s own power (also as a method of distancing), intuitive perception.
  • Separation of success and pressure.
  • Compare the principles of trust and control.
  • Application of naturally-inspired leadership instruments, such as using intuitive perception and leading from the impulse.

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information & registration

Info-Phone: 030 - 500 140 36

seminar fee 2.340,00 € plus VAT per person, without accommodation, catering and travel expenses


march 21 (Saturday) - 28 (Saturday)


Villa Guadalupe