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Organization of a successful change management process

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Personality development

INSTITUT SOMMER provides managers and people in positions of responsibility with a path to deep-seated change and personality development. We call it LEADERSHIP Work, a process in which everyone becomes their own self-leader to reach a state of genuinely independent and self-determined living – free of disruptions, patterns and conflicts. Rather than beginning at the supposed source of the problem, we start at the point where the positive impact is perceptible across the entire system, whether professional or private in nature. We work with people in positions of responsibility as well as anyone wishing to overcome their personal boundaries.
Anke Sommer identifies body signals, integrates their significance into her self-developed, systemic approach to her work and thereby supports her clients on their very own Champion’s Journey.

Our coaching programmes


Convince, lead, grow.

See yourself as leader, de-clutter systems and grow into your responsibility.

Life Coaching

Identify, distance yourself, solve.

There’s no such thing as a hopeless situation. We show you the most direct way to reach your goal.

Business Coaching

Lighten, balance, be aware.

As a manager, you have responsibilities. We slow things down and hone your awareness.

Team Development

Integrate, trust, strengthen

Develop your team’s strengths. We initiate changes and let you to grow beyond your boundaries.

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I’d like to thank you with all my heart. It makes me very happy to feel energy returning. People like you, Ms Sommer, are simply wonderful.
Customer Life Coaching
Regardless of the nature and intensity of the subject matter, I recommend Anke Sommer’s help to anyone who is curious about taking an accurate look at the solution behind their perceived limitations and who is attracted by the idea of leading a self-determined, fulfilled and unique life.
Philosophy and psychology student

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