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How can your dream become reality? What do you need to achieve it? And which adversaries pop up in the course of your Champion’s Journey?

The biggest risks to living your ideal life? Closing your eyes, revelling in your dream and engaging merely in hope; continuing as before; thinking in relative terms and talking everything up; at the same time watching others achieve what they, too, wish for themselves.

Give yourself the greatest gift this year: go on a journey and choose the path that leads directly to your real self. Become ‘you’ without being side-tracked by negative patterns and conditioning. Let go of whatever it is that’s preventing you from taking action and achieving what you’ve been wishing for yourself for so long.

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Sounds like dreamworld? Maybe, but who says that your life can’t be like a dream come true? The lives of others that you follow – as excerpts – on Instagram or YouTube, in TV programmes, or in important economic or society magazines also appear dreamlike, ultimately.

From dream to reality.

The only difference is this: people whose lives appear dreamlike have started taking action and don’t allow themselves to be arrested by any obstacle.

Successful people remove the stones that life, ‘friends’, enemies and business activities throw at them. They take responsibility. Positive doers don’t get distracted by these stones, instead choosing to use them to build beautiful monuments alongside the path they’ve chosen. 🙂

This only happens if you recognise your own role in everything that happens to you, instead of using adverse episodes as an excuse to give up and resign yourself to the status quo. It’s more important for you to carry on than it is to feel unfairly treated. It’s only when you recognise your own role in things and take responsibility for it that you’re in a position to change things for the better – as the truth is that nothing is ever about guilt.

That’s the real magic. That’s the lived dream.

The decision is yours to make.

There are three possible reactions when reading these lines.


Your inner resistance fighter is triggered to the max and starts complaining and expressing its anger: how can I be at fault if others (people, the state, etc.) treat me badly without my having done anything?

My recommendation is this: talk to your inner resistance fighter, as its revolt only ‘paralyses’ you, or keeps you in your comfort zone where you will NEVER be able to change anything.

Change is always a bit uncomfortable, because you’re doing something new that the mind doesn’t know and you’re still unsure about things. You haven’t yet found a routine in your new doings. You’ll reach this point once you’ve leapt over your ‘shadows’, the fears that hold you back.

A small tip: ‘shadow-leapers’ are people in positions of responsibility. You often find professional shadow-leapers among entrepreneurial and management personalities. So who determines which life you lead? Your inner resistance fighter or your inner shadow-leaper?


You’re thinking: “Why am I still reading this article? None of it has anything to do with me. I’m positive; in any case, my bad sides aren’t so pronounced that I need to do anything about them. Others aren’t perfect either.”

If your thoughts are along these lines, then the article may indeed be offering you nothing of value that’s new. But if you’re the kind of person who does maybe tend to talk up your circumstances then it could pay off to take a deep breath, summon up your courage and start facing the facts.

This may be a painful process to start with, but if you can avoid letting this process determine your life you can only be on the winning side. What would you rather have? A life you’ve talked up wonderfully or a wonderful life?


Or you’re asking yourself why you haven’t taken full responsibility for everything in your life thus far, and how you can manage to do this in the future. The feeling that comes with this may resemble a moment of realisation.

Congratulations! For with this moment of realisation and the question about how to do it, you’ve indeed discovered the door to your dream life while many others are unable to see it at all. Now you just have to open the door and go through it. What’s lying behind it exactly is something I can’t tell you.

But it’ll be what the real you is longing for, and what the real you was before it had to subjugate itself to the mind (at least in part) in order to ‘fit in’.

About resisters, talk-uppers and shadow-leapers.

The personality development programme at INSTITUT SOMMER confronts you with everything that’s inside you. This includes everything that’s positive and, at the same time, everything that’s negative. Resisters love focussing on others’ negative traits, deflecting attention away from themselves. Talk-uppers perennially see themselves and their life in a positive light, so as not to go within touching distance of anything negative.

By contrast, shadow-jumpers wish to see their own shadows and grow beyond them. They indeed expose themselves to unpleasant feelings, but the main thing is that they ultimately find the best way of dealing with their negative sides.

“Weak is only the person who doesn’t pursue their weaknesses; a strong person knows their weaknesses and deals with them.”

You learn this approach if you choose to take the Champion’s PathDer Heldenweg beschreibt den Weg in Ihre Begabung bzw. Berufung. Der Held lebt seit der Geburt in Ihnen. Es gilt ihn wieder zu entdecken und zu entwickeln.... Read more. The benefits for you, if you follow this call and confront any adverse episodes along the way, are as follows:

What you learn when visiting the LEADERSHIP-Coaching Workshops at INSTITUT SOMMER:

You’ll come up against a range of different obstacles, depending on your readiness for responsibility and your own concerns and goals. Your task will be to surmount them, but also to integrate into your life all the knowledge that you obtain through changes in priorities – in your profession, your career and your life.

Change something. Into a positive. For your dream.

Anke Sommer

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