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Anke Sommer is passionate about her work as a LEADERSHIP coach and facilitator. On our Coaching Blog you can read a touching experience report by Anne Hagedorn, which shows the positive effects and change through Anke Sommer's LEADERSHIP work.

An article by Anne Hagedorn

Why change has become so important for me

Do you actually know what makes you angry? Did you ever notice how you react in stressful situations? Do you have any idea of your impact on your family, children or friends? Read in the following article what motivated me to really change my life from the bottom up.

And do you know what saps your energy, which can then in turn lead to illness and despair? I didn’t know. I wasn’t even aware of being unaware of these things. I never thought about them. If someone had given me answers to these questions, in the condition in which I was then, I probably wouldn’t have accepted or changed them.

However, in my work with Anke Sommer and in the processes, I changed, without in any way considering what I needed to do. It just happened. And that’s the beauty of it! I became calmer, softer, more conscious and more balanced.

I recognised, for example, that I was unable to feel my love for my daughter 100% from my heart. A few things were getting in the way. It is only now that I’m living my love for her.

The positive impact of my change

I change little things every day, and I notice them gradually. I’m not the only one who can see these things; my children can, too. The amazing thing about this is that they are changing with me. So when I’m working on my self-worth, I’m not just doing it for me, but also for me daughter. Or if I’m distancing myself from my son’s negative behavioural structures, then I’m also supporting his lovable nature, so that he develops in healthy and positive ways.

One aspect that underpins the behaviour I’ve developed is acting with positive outcomes, which wasn’t easy for me at the start – simply because I didn’t recognise the outcomes that were positive for me. I have since developed a trained eye for them, however, and this makes implementation easier.

Friends sometimes ask me what exactly I’m changing about myself and how I do it. It is actually difficult for me to give them a concrete answer, possibly because change has taken place initially and principally in my subconscious. But I notice the positive results in my consciousness, my perception and my intuition. Things that were previously unthinkable now integrate themselves easily into my life. There’s been a lot of work behind it, but I’ve now reached a point where I can say that I’m satisfied with myself and my work on myself.

What helps me on my path

Where can my change be seen? My daughter’s illness, for example, got me interested in alternative healing methods. Where I once sought out the wrong people, I now intuitively encounter the people, lectures or books that are most important for me. These as well as many other situations, both professional and private, are showing me time and again that my path and my view of things are coming together in a clear picture: how I have to go my own way!

This knowledge required an important step, to learn and to trust myself. I now follow me, no longer other people’s ideas. I have an expanded view and I’m regularly amazed at where my development takes me. Sensing where my own calling is leading, whether in my working life or in my family, gives me a sense of security that I didn’t really have before.

My real ‘I’ is now separating itself from how I used to imagine myself to be. I’m really excited about what the future will bring and I’m looking forward to it.

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