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Die eigene Berufung finden, ist gar nicht so einfach. In unserem Workshop zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie sich Ihrer Kernkompetenz bewusst werden.

An article by Anke Sommer

Why are we called?

Striving for the meaning of life is deeply rooted in our psychological and mental development and also influences our sense of wellbeing. If we have ever found meaning, the sun shines twice as brightly. Getting up in the morning is easy and the difficulties we encounter in life are merely obstacles to overcome.
So far, so good, but what is my calling and how do I find it?

My calling is to a large extent the treasure that I carry around in me every second of every day. It is the part of me I’m least aware of, if it isn’t recognised and retrieved, and yet it’s the part of me that to a large extent makes me who I am. It is so familiar to me that I initially pay scant attention to it, and yet it’s the first thing that envious people begrudge me.

This treasure has been visible to our environment – be it our parents, siblings, classmates, work colleagues, neighbours and friends – since birth. If those around us have been ‘supporters’, then we will have been hearing calls to hold onto this treasure and even practise it professionally since the cradle. On the other hand, if those around us have been ‘blockers’ then we learned very early in life that this treasure is something dangerous in us that won’t sustain us and will even lead to our ruin if we were ever to pursue it.

What is our purpose in life and what happens if we fail to find it?

This treasure emerges if we’ve raised it: for one person it reveals itself as great subtlety that settles in the various sensory channels; for another it appears as an extraordinary gift, be it musical, artistic, intuitive, or the ability to understand rational processes. A talent is as individual as the person who possesses it. A calling consists of our ability as well as the history hiding behind it, the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you’re interested in learning more about it then let’s recover the treasure in you together and put it to practical use in your life.

You can find out more information and submit a request by clicking on the following link: Finding and utilising your own calling.

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