May 17, 2017
© Source: Chiara Sommer
Über die Wirkung von Teambuilding und worauf es wichtig ist zu achten, damit im Ergebnis Potentiale frei werden.

Team building – evidence of corporate strength!

Imagine the following: a company accommodates individual development histories for every in-house employee. After all, behind every one of them lies a destiny that leads them to react to particular situations in their own way. These mutually dependent reactions arise in everyone in the company but with different triggers, as these depend on a person’s own history.

Now imagine a team, department, etc. in which these different people with different triggers work together at different hierarchical levels. If we now sum up all the events in the department, the reaction to the other person comes first, closely followed by stored experiences with colleagues, and afterwards we see the client’s order.

In order for work, rather than reactions to others, to remain the number one priority in the company, we need to clean up the reactions that occur in everyday business life.

How can you tidy up?

There are many suppliers of team building measures and activates on the market. Make sure that the programme you choose is focused on the development and dynamic of your team. The dynamic, i.e. the sum of all pent-up reactions, is part and parcel of tidiness. The benefit of such a clean-up initiative must be in the exposure of development potentials, as pent-up reactions hinder development.

Tidying up should be fun and avoid increasing problems by looking for them. This is why team building is based on enjoyment. Tidying up is the coach’s task. He or she recognises the dynamic and creates situations in which pent-up reactions can be released.

There’s no need to intensify problems to do this. It requires a reorganisation framework and that means FUN.

Prove your corporate strength and let tidying up take place in your company.

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