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Jede Situation gibt Ihnen Auskunft darüber, was nicht stimmt. Lernen Sie sie zu verstehen und meistern Sie so jede Krise.

How the atmosphere in offices, medical practices and residential flats provides information about incidents taking place there

It was a day like any other when I met my client, a businessman, for a coaching session. The client seemed jittery, uneasy and worried. We were on my usual street when another man came along, spat directly on my feet and continued on as if nothing had happened. I was just coming to terms with the situation when a woman then barged into me with her shoulder, swore, then went on. It became clear at that moment that the client’s request to meet me the same day he’d called me, ostensibly in order to work on a difficult commercial situation, was obviously a cover for something else. The signals were clear indications of force and major arbitrary aggression. I immediately pulled the gentleman into a café and asked him who would have subjected him to this kind of unexpected violence.

It was a mate from his schooldays who had suddenly been standing in front of a door, and when it opened the friend beat my surprised client to the floor.

Signals jump. If they fail to register with one person, they transfer to the other person, who then gets an insight into the origin of the signals the first person has failed to pick up on. I was merely the vessel for this scenario.

Every atmosphere speaks in plain language – you just need to be able to interpret and understand it.

If these signals are misinterpreted, they circle around and jump from one person to the next, producing something akin to a negative vibe. You keep attracting something but don’t know why.

How do you get past such ‘ghosts’?

The answer is a short one.
In this case by looking around and seeing the events as signals indicating something. If you find the answer to the question ‘What is being indicated?’ then you’ve understood the signal. You can now act. For my client, this meant restoring his lost security and finding a way to deal with his former ‘mate’.

I wish you courage, not only to pick up on atmospheres but also to understand them.

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