At INSTITUT SOMMER for Coaching, Team Building and Personality Development, the Workshop series is the place where people meet in order to develop their personalities. This development focuses on leadership skills, regardless of the professional position the participants hold. The LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop series, leading to the qualification as a specialist coach, is a further training series of ten modules, each on a different topic, that develop each individual’s own leadership personality. All ten modules comprise a LEADERSHIP Cycle in the field of management skills development. Two further modules are also offered for anyone who would like to complete the qualification as a specialist coach.

By developing leadership skills, you can reach your goals while also maintaining your health; you can live according to your ‘purpose’ and so save a great deal of life energy that would otherwise be lost by not following your calling. You learn to lead without dominating, to recognise your role and the tasks that it entails, and to follow your calling. Finally, leadership skills don’t end with the individual, enabling you to shape your own life instead of ‘putting up with it’.

How long does a Workshop series last if you take all the modules 1 to 10?

A further training workshop series is spread over two years; then a new cycle begins. You can join the current series at any point, because each module is complete in itself and deals with a single leadership complex; when one series finishes, the next starts, so an uninterrupted development takes place. The advantage is that there is no need to wait until a new series begins: you can start at once.

Who is the LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop series designed for?

The LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop series is a further training opportunity for managers and qualified staff who would like to develop their careers. It is also suitable for anyone who is interested in personal development, whatever their professional position. Both for entrepreneurs who would like to develop a particular skill, and for all those who would like to gain a qualification as coach and facilitator, the Workshop series is the perfect solution for their further professional development. It offers employees and civil servants a good opportunity to create a counterbalance to their work. The skills that are released through the development can be easily integrated into your career. Managers discover their centre.

How do you gain a qualification as a specialist coach?

The series also offers the opportunity to gain a further qualification as a coach or consultant within your specialist field. Two certification modules are provided for this purpose once you have completed all ten modules.

What is the difference between this workshop series and a traditional further training programme?

The LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop series doesn’t teach methods, communicate concepts or train knowledge. It concentrates on each participant as an individual, picking up on their existing skills and developing them. It is not a conveyor-belt qualification process; it’s an individually tailored further training programme based on each participant’s existing knowledge.

The workshop series combines facilitation (of development processes) and coaching (improving skills, attaining goals, managing problems).

The basis of the qualification is facilitation, i.e. working through the individual development process with the client. Coaching is goal-focused, making it the perfect combination with facilitation. Personality developmentPersonality development as a core competence of INSTITUT SOMMER concentrates on the client’s potential that has not yet been activated.... Read more requires both approaches: facilitation of processes closely aligned with the personal process in order to overcome your own inner boundaries, and the skill to attain your own goals by focusing precisely on these aims. Coaching strengthens the willpower that we need in order to overcome our development limits. Facilitation enables us to grow beyond our own personal boundaries.

Overview of the advantages of the LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop series leading to the qualification as a specialist coach:

  • Further qualification in one or more field(s) of leadership skills
  • Certified qualification as coach and consultant in your own specialist field
  • Specialisation support
  • Confirmation of participation after each module
  • Finding a satisfying professional life
  • Facilitating individuals in their advancement to higher management positions
  • Setting up and implementing a ‘healthy’ self-employed career
  • Using further development to overcome personal limitations to act
  • Networking
  • Synergy network

Topic overview of the ten modules in the further training and qualification series:

Each module focuses on one topic complex in the field of personality development.

Module 1: The Champion’s Journey begins

  • Developing LEADERSHIP Principles
  • Activating self-leadership
  • Defining ‘calling’
  • Aligning your calling with your (current) profession
  • Introducing facilitation – process work
  • Activating collective knowledge
  • Group communication
  • Stages of development of your own leadership skills
  • Finding your own standpoint
  • Identifying your own leadership personality

Module 2: Body Signal Work as a (self-)leadership method

  • Communication via body signals
  • Body signals and (self-)leadership
  • Body signals, a further development of body language
  • Body Signal WorkAnke Sommer, inventor of body signal work, supports you in becoming aware of the messages of your body and in understanding them coherently.... Read more (Körpersignalarbeit © 2014) according to Anke Sommer
  • Understanding body signals and integrating this understanding into your professional tasks
  • Using body signals analysis in your career and in your work with people
  • Body signals
  • Physical symptoms
  • Body signal chains
  • Internal and external signals

Module 3: Outdoor Facilitation adventure

  • Recognising and extending your boundaries
  • Mastering challenges together
  • Outdoor work
  • Outdoor facilitation
  • Expanding reactions to stimuli
  • Strengthening the ‘success community’ principle
  • Synergy work
  • Role work and role perception
  • Group work

Module 4: Group processes in challenging situations

  • Working with dynamics
  • Resolving obstructive dynamics
  • Dealing with difficult dynamics
  • Recognising and managing limits and double limits
  • Working with limits in your profession/ in teams, with staff and colleagues, etc.
  • Working with your own boundaries
  • Uniting /reconciling leadership and boundaries
  • Group work / team work
  • Leading by recognising signals

Module 5: Stress balance coaching

  • Dreambody work and facilitation of somatic processes in professional contexts
  • Recognising and managing stress signals
  • Stress signal analysis
  • Identifying and managing burnout structures
  • Coaching and stress reduction
  • Coaching and balance
  • Self-leadership and stress management
  • Body signals and stress
  • Identifying and resolving stress patterns
  • Reducing stress through (self-)leadership
  • Saying no
  • Somatic work
  • Finding the balance between pressure and counter pressure
  • Body balance work

Module 6: Finding and utilising your own calling

  • Systemic work
  • Integrating your calling into reality
  • Impact of living out your calling
  • Vocation and authenticity
  • Analysing core skills
  • Specialising in your core skill
  • Combining talent and leadership
  • Limitations of your vocation
  • Working with boundary signals
  • Managing boundary signals

Module 7: ‘Inner intuition’ as adventure: giving intuition (gut feeling) a concrete form and using it as a LEADERSHIP tool

  • Linking (self-)leadership and intuition
  • Accessing and consciously using your own intuition
  • Managing and relieving ‘extreme situations’ (for yourself)
  • Discovering natural de-escalation techniques
  • Individual and group facilitation
  • Identifying and managing escalation signals at an early stage
  • Dynamic work
  • Carrying out communication processes under pressure
  • Leading by identifying body signals
  • Leading using body language
  • Nonverbal leadership
  • Intuitive leadership work
  • Expanding somatic awareness
  • ‘Blind sight’

Module 8: Male and female LEADERSHIP archetypes

  • Discovering fundamental leadership patterns
  • Identifying leadership personality archetypes
  • Correlating your own leadership skill with your own archetype
  • Working with your own core skill
  • Consciously perceiving the communication between leadership typologies
  • Transferring relationship work in your job and private life to your personal patterns
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching

Module 9: Discover your intuition – LEADERSHIP workshop with animals

  • Expanding your perception
  • Leadership work with animals
  • Comparing your own body signals / body language with animals’ reactions
  • What signals do animals react to?
  • Nonverbal (self-)leadership work
  • Communication and interaction
  • Body posture and (self-)leadership
  • Identifying the intuition‘s signals
  • Strengthening intuitive leadership
  • Pack language
  • Somatic work
  • Body management

Module 10: Storytelling– Your champion speaks

  • Facilitating processes through writing
  • Your inner champion writes a / my story
  • Using storytelling as a leadership instrument
  • Managing communication through your inner champion
  • Linking rhetoric and storytelling
  • Stories open up your opposite number
  • What is positive marketing?
  • Touching through stories
  • Leading through stories
  • The role-rotation principle
  • Discovering the wisdom behind storytelling
  • Using storytelling for your professional and private life

The module content may change, due to group processes and group dynamics. The content is always adapted to suit the actual dynamics in the existing situation.